Subsidiaries and investments

Our subsidiaries extend the product and service spectrum of Finanz Informatik, thereby supporting market success and Penetration.


I. Significant Subsidiaries and investments

  a. Finanz Informatik Technologie Service GmbH & Co. KG 
Offers IT Services and 0utsourcing for savings banks and state banks, integral partner of the S-Finanzgruppe and of further organisations in the finance sector
  b. Finanz Informatik Solutions Plus GmbH 
Specializes in project-based IT consulting, individual software development and adoption of applications into an application management.
  c. Star Finanz-Software Entwicklung und Vertriebs GmbH, Hamburg 
Offers mutlibank electronic banking solutions for private, company and commercial clients as well as applications for smart phones
  d. inasys Gesellschaft für Informations- und Analysesysteme mbH 
Portfolio management systems for stock investments and asset management
  e. Hans-Bernhard Rehnke GmbH & Co. KG . - Weseler Rechenzentrum 
Conception and realization of specific advisory software for financial mathematics in Internet applications and client software