Company Profile Finanz Informatik

Finanz Informatik (FI), headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, is the IT service provider of the German Savings Banks Finance Group and one of the largest banking-IT service provider in Europe. Customers include 408 savings banks, 8 federal state banks and DekaBank, 9 state building, loan associations, public insurers and various other companies within the Savings Banks Group and the financial services sector.

Finanz Informatik provides a full range of IT services, including the development and implementation of IT solutions, networks and technical infrastructure as well as data processing centers, consulting, training and support. With our highly efficient comprehensive banking solution OSPlus, we have one of the leading IT systems in the German banking sector. Our portfolio includes further IT services and solutions from subsidiaries and partner companies like Finanz Informatik Technologie Service, Finanz Informatik Solutions Plus, Star Finanz and inasys.

Finanz Informatik is responsible for servicing 122 million accounts. Each year we handle more than 102 billion technical transactions. We employ 3,265 people and we generate together with our subsidiaries and partner companies sales of about €1,7 billion annually.

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Florian Schleicher
Finanz Informatik
Phone: 069 74329-36710
Mobile: 0173 2002238
E-Mail: florian.schleicher@f-i.de